How To Be More Productive By Using a Digital Planner

For most people, being able to stay productive and on task can be difficult. Many feel like they just have too many things to do and get done, and often fall into a mode of non-productivity and procrastination.

Luckily, there is a very effective fix to those things and it's super easy to start and maintain. A digital planner can be the tool to help you be incredibly productive and accomplish your goals!

Know what your tasks are

For me, this was the main game changer when I began digital planning.

I always had a list in my head, a mile long, of the things that I needed to do. Remembering all of them every day wasn't realistic and hardly ever happened. Most nights I would go to bed and then remember about 10 things that I meant to do that day, but forgot.

A digital planner completely fixes that for me. Since I have my "plan" in front of me each day, all of my tasks and to-dos are right there to see. I find that a digital planner that has a daily or weekly plan works well because it allows more room to list all of your plans.

One important thing to remember is that you want to add absolutely everything that you'd like to accomplish into your digital planner, including time that you won't be available to be getting those things done -- like going to dinner or a movie. Accounting for unavailable time is an essential part of planning your day, week, or month.

See your progress

One of my favorite things about digital planners is how they let you see your progress throughout the day, week, or month. That, alone, can be one of the biggest forms of motivation! When I see the things that I'm accomplishing, I want to accomplish more.

There are a lot of different ways to track your task progress in a digital planner. You can simply cross them off, or you can use fun task list stickers, sticky note stickers, or just simple to do list within the planner.

Stay on track with goals

Digital planners are also great for goal setting and achieving. Splitting your goals into steps that you can take action on is highly effective, and tracking those on your digital planner will help to make sure that you follow through on them.

Goal setting is something that you can use for anything that you'd like to achieve, big or small. Whether it's losing a few pounds, saving for a large purchase, exercise, or anything else -- managing your goals in a digital planner can make reaching those goals easier!

Updating and making changes is super easy

The absolute ease and ability to add things, change things, or remove things from a digital planner is amazing, and one of their best features.

Unlike a paper planner, nothing is permanent in a digital planner. If you want to make changes to your planner page, it will still look beautiful when you're finished. You can edit text and embellishments (like digital stickers), highlight things, and move things around all in a couple of seconds.

If your plans, goals, or tasks change, updating them is incredibly easy.

Digital planning is fun and feeds creativity

Using a planner is a fantastic way to express your creativity. Even though it's a completely useful and beneficial activity in and of itself, at the same time it provides a source of fun and enjoyable entertainment.

You get to choose things like colors and themes and, therefore, can make it completely your own. Design your planner pages around a theme by using digital stickers and specific colors. Or, keep them minimal and elegant and just add a touch of your own style.

If you haven't tried digital planning yet, make the move so that you can increase your productivity and realize your goals!

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  • I am always looking for new ways to organize and this is so fun! My blog on intentional living covers productivity as well! Thanks!

    Amy Senter

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