How To Import a Digital Planner Into Goodnotes

Digital planning has become a wildly popular and effective way to stay organized, accomplish goals, and plan your life. Paper planners are fun, too, but digital planners incredibly efficient and easy to use.

If you enjoy paper planners because of the embellishment opportunities, then you'll probably love digital planners just as much! Digital planners can be embellished and decorated as little or as much as you like. Do you love a planner that is almost entirely covered by decorations, stickers, and embellishments? You can do that with a digital planner! Or do you like a more simplistic look, with very few embellishments so your plans, and the planner itself, are the focal point? You can do that too!

The first step of digital planning is adding your digital planner to your planning app and iPad or tablet. In this post, we'll be talking about how to import a digital planner into Goodnotes, which is an excellent, widely used note taking or PDF annotation app. It's very easy to use and it looks great too!

Begin by saving your digital planner in your favorite storage location. That may be Dropbox (my preferred), iCloud, Files, or any other location that supports PDF file storage.

After you have your digital planner saved in your preferred location, go to the main dashboard of Goodnotes.

Click the "+" symbol.


You'll be given a menu of options for locations to import from. Choose yours.

You'll be taken to your storage location. Select your digital planner and it will be quickly added to your Goodnotes dashboard.

That's it! Super simple. :)

Need a digital planner? Here are a couple of my favorites!

The Minimalist Digital Planner is modern, clean, and elegant. If you like it just like that, no embellishments needed. However, if you like to embellish with digital stickers, text, and colors, this planner is perfect because it gives you a blank slate!

This planner is dated for the entire year of 2019, so you could literally just import and start planning. It has hyperlinks pages to make navigating easy.

If you like a little color and whimsy, the Glamorous Gold Dots planner is perfect! Still subtle, but with a pop of glamorous colors. Embellishing still looks nice in this planner, especially if you coordinate it with the style and colors.

This planner is un-dated, which means you could use it year after year. It also has hyperlinked pages for easy navigation!

Digital stickers are very fun, and functional too. Have a look at some of the stickers that I've created. :)

Now that you see how easy it is to get started with digital planning, go ahead and give it a try!

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